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Yaneth Perea

Yaneth Perea
Senior Therapist

Perea Clinic specialises in advanced deep tissue techniques. Our therapeutic, personalised treatments are designed to promote recovery from back and neck pain caused by muscle damage and imbalance, and also to deliver preventative measures to maintain your wellbeing and increase your performance levels.

Our expert and friendly team pride ourselves with our top-rated professinoal massage programmes, based in Central (WC2) and North (N1) London. We also provide manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), nutrition, acupuncture and weight-loss treatments.

We specialize in

  • Back & neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tennis & golfer elbow
  • Headache
  • RSI
  • Knee pain
  • Sciatic
  • Oedema
  • Tendinitis
  • Sports injuries & Maintenance
  • Pre & post event massage
  • Stress relief
  • Kinesiology taping for injuries
  • Acupuncture for Sports injuries

Perea Clinic is the No 1 “recommended” and No 1 “rated” provider of massage services in North London N1.

Ranked #1 of 241 service providers at, May ’15

Top Treatments

Sports massage thumbnail

Sports & Remedial

Used specifically for the treatment of muscle imbalance and injury.

Deep tissue massage thumbnail

Deep Tissue

Professional Deep Tissue for getting rid of deep-rooted knots and muscle tension.

Lymphatic-drainage thumbnail

Lymphatic Drainage

Helps fluid and waste leave the body, and regulates the immune system.

Pregnancy Massage thumbnail

Pregnancy Massage

A wonderful complementary choice for pre-natal care.

Weight Loss massage thumbnail

Weight Loss

A way to keep your body weight balanced and healthy.

Cellulite Massage thumbnail


The ideal treatment to aid the breakdown of cellulite.

Our Credentials

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Some insurers recognise these professional bodies and your policy may cover the cost of your session. Please contact your providers for more information.

Dedicated Service

Our therapeutic & sports massages are focused on remedying specific issues. Our treatments ease tension and release muscular pain whilst maintaining healthy muscles and joints.

We also offer professional, fully qualified nutrition advice and provide advanced aesthetic treatments.

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What our clients say

"I got a therapeutic massage from Yanesh yesterday. It was tough but I do feel so much better today. I'd recommend it if you do a lot of exercise or if you're feeling stressed, it really helped! Thanks so much, I'll definitely come again."

− Emilou

"Yaneth is fantastic. She is very knowledgable and great at what she does. I always come here for my massages. Yaneth also gave me follow up exercises to help with my back too. I recommend anyone to go and see her."

− Theresa

"Yaneth is a fantastic professional. I have been able to play tennis again!n Thank you Perea Clinic "

− Luci

"Excellent service and great therapist. Overall it was a good experience. More clinical massage than spa like but great nonetheless"

− spaaddict237

"Virginia was excellent. She could tell where I was hurting and explained exactly what she was doing all along. Brilliant."

− Laura

"Very good, she was knowledgeable and worked hard to try and work out all of my knots. I will go back."

− Rebecca

"Yaneth is very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. The first massage was so good that I returned for a second and have booked more! I am already feeling the benefits of the treatments. I would definitely recommend the Perea Clinic. The whole experience is very professional, helpful and adjusted to your specific needs."

− Bethen

"Rosario gave an excellent deep tissue massage, explaining the science behind the different positions and techniques he used when I asked. He was very knowledgeable about his profession and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. My neck pain has now gone away, after only one treatment.To be an absolutely perfect experience, it would have been nice to have some gentle relaxing music on in the background to cover the slight noise of the road but that's just a small point."

− Emma

"I went to Yaneth with a specific problem that needed immediate treatment. The work she did on me certainly worked. I normally prefer a little more aggression when having a sports massage but to be fair I didn't actually tell her this. She was on time, friendly and offered me advice on prevention after the massage"

− Violette

"I booked a sports and remedial massage after I decided to run a half marathon with no training! Was exactly what I needed and the aches and pains definitely subsided afterwards. Highly recommended. Many thanks"

− luke1983YNWA

"My back felt so much better after the deep tissue massage."

− Anonymous

"I felt so much better after my treatment - definitely less pain ... and walking taller. Will absolutely be back as received helpful recommendations for future treatments.

− Anonymous

"Saw Yaneth on my second visit - very strong, experienced hands and had the great follow up of an email of some exercises to do between visits."

− Melbmarvel

"Very professional and skilled massage with good advice on muscular strengths and weaknesses. Both effective and relaxing."

− Anonymous

"One of the most professional massages I have had in London- Dave took the time to understand my needs and tailored the treatment to me. It was not a one size fits all approach and he concentrated where really mattered- whilst giving tips to avoid recurrence"

− Simon

"I think this is the best massage i've ever had. Yaneth is extraordinarily talented. I will definitely come back, actually i've already booked several more sessions, they have amazing offers too."

− John

"I went in for a technical but relaxing massage and ended up learning about how the muscles work, including that the dull pain in my left knee is muscular and the reason why my muscles are more tense on my right calf. Really strong and knowledgeable masseuse, and they even emailed me with some exercises to release tension between treatments. Will definitely go back!"

− Anonymous

"I was really impressed by the way the therapist conducted a pre massage assessment of my movement and the specific place where I had discomfort to make sure that her massage was targeted. I was also impressed to receive follow up exercises to do after the massage."

− Twyforl

"I keep going here because the people are so knowledgeable and professional, and all-around nice people:) I've seen such a dramatic improvement in my muscle tension, my posture, and overall wellbeing since going to them. They will also give you access to an online portal full of stretches!

− Anonymous

"30 mins of no-frills, straight-down-to-business massage. The staff are very nice. My therapist was very experienced and professional, and she loosened up my shoulders more effectively than other 90 min+ massages I've had. I will definitely be coming back soon and would highly recommend."

− Denise

"It was a great experience I have been suffering form stress of late so was really tense. The massage was really good. I very much recommend and will be going back"

− Miss Dawn Williams

"The staff was really nice, the treatment spot on and the lady who gave me the treatment gave really good advice. Would go back for sure !"

− Aurelie

"Yaneth is a very careful and attentive therapist. She listens to your specific issues and then tailors the massage appropriately. Strong pressure and great for removing knots. I would highly recommend"

− Anonymous

"I had a massage with Virginie upon the recommendation of a friend and my experience was second to none. I have had massages in the past and not felt entirely comfortable but this was a great experience from beginning to end.
I suffer from shoulder and back pain and Virginie has really helped in alleviating pain and teaching me how to relax my shoulders more and how to work on my posture whilst seated. She spoke throughout the massage, checking I was okay with the pressure and the products used. The music was calming and afterwards she spoke in great detail about how to take care of my back more moving forward. Furthermore I was emailed exercises to do later on that day to assist with this. I shall be returning and recommending the Perea Clinic and particularly Virgine's services to friends and colleagues. Thank you very much, am really pleased with the clinic and Wahanda.


− EmmyLou1980

"Tricky to find. Could do with some signage. But the sports massage was great. Nice staff. Was additionally given exercises to do. Took time and care. Recommend"

− Tailorjerry

"My Therapist was very friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely willing to help. She offered great advice on how I can ease my neck tension and e-mailed me a list of stretching exercises. The massage itself was very relaxing and felt better straight away."

− BeautyAgents