On-site  corporate chair massage provides the perfect relief for symptoms associated with poor posture at work.  Our treatments are designed to identify and treat: Stress/ fatigue, Chronic tension Arm and wrist pain, Headaches, Migraines Neck, shoulder and back pain, Trapped nerve, Fibromyalgia and more.

Our Massage treatment is designed for each person, base on their needs. Chair massage  treatment is non-invasive, and with client fully clothed, and no oils are required. Sessions are from 10 to 30 minutes, thereby causing minimal disruption to the working day.

Employers use our services to benefit their employees in a climate where physical and mental capabilities are often overworked by demands. In turn, this helps to reduce absenteeism and boost morale.

All  our therapists are qualified in DSE (Display Screen Equipment) ergonomics assessment at work.

At events, the sessions often draw curiosity, so can be used as a focus point for attracting the attention of passers-by as an integral part of any promotional exercise. It is also a  great way to get an express massage in London to relieve pain.

Corporate chair massage prices are based on 10 to 30 mins massage sessions per person, and are per hour per therapist. Pricing for your event may vary based on length of chair massages you book, and your location. Pricing for all recurring programs is based on signing a month to month service agreement. We require minimum two hours booking, and 2 weeks notice to organise your programs or events.

Chair Massage

2-6 treatments

£ 85

1 hour

4-12 treatments

£ 150

2 hours

6-16 treatments

£ 200

3 hours

8-22 treatments

£ 240

4 hours

Full day

£ 400

7 hours

We also offer


£ 85

1 hour

Indian Head Massage

£ 85

1 hour

Full body Treatments

£ 85

1 hour