Our experienced Physiotherapy team aims to provide the best treatment and exercises to suit your body’s natural capacity to heal and repair.
Our goal is to help you overcome muscle stiffness and weakness through a series of exercises and techniques. We help you improve your physical health and overall movement as well as helping you regain confidence in your body’s ability to perform with minimum risk to injury.

At Perea Clinic we help diagnose and treat a vast array of conditions. If you have any questions please contact us at either Angel or Holborn clinic.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy

Improves Joint Mobility 

Physiotherapy helps regain some of the lost movements that  can result due to injury or muscle tension. By applying a series of techniques physiotherapy can help ease the discomfort that arises due to lack joint mobility therefore helping you gain more freedom in your movements.

Improves Posture 

Through personalised exercises, physiotherapy helps to strengthen the weak muscles that lead to poor posture. The correction of these muscles can reduce the risk of injury and pain.

Rehabilitates Injured Muscles 

Physiotherapy is great for those wanting to treat sports injuries. Physiotherapy is often the best course of treatment where much need muscle rehabilitation is needed. Due to the in-depth anatomy knowledge that our physiotherapist have, we can give the best possible type of healing exercises to catered to the type of  injury sustained.