Ski holidays are great fun, and approximately 1.2-1.5 million people go skiing every year from the UK. Given how physically demanding skiing is how many of us do any preparation for the holiday? If you think of your last skiing holiday, do you remember waking up on day 2 or day 3 aching throughout your body and wondering how you are ever going to drag yourself back up the slope?

Unfortunately skiing also comes with an inherent risk, and as a result people sustain approximately 2-4 injuries per 1000 participant days skiing (Laver et al. 2017). Most commonly these injuries are sprains/strains (48%), fractures of lower limbs (19%) followed by contusions (12%). The most common site of these injuries by far is the knee (33%), head/face (13.5%) and shoulder (9.5%).  It’s worth noting however, these figures are considerably lower than sports such as rugby and football so don’t be put off!

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Ski Training Programme starts January 4th at 6pm

Ski Training Programme


To prepare you for your skiing holiday, to reduce your risk of injury whilst away and most of all, to allow you to ski to a better level than you have ever skied before.You will develop your lower and upper limb strength, your neuromuscular control and dynamic balance as well as increasing your muscular endurance.


To ensure you reach the slopes fully prepared for the physical demands that skiing will put on your body. Skiing calls on a mixture of static and dynamic strength, neuromuscular balance control and a mixture of anaerobic and aerobic systems due to its longer periods of high intensity exercise.

What is included?

Physio guided exercise program that will progressively challenge you through 6 sessions of 1-hour long classes over a 3 week period in a class of a maximum of 8 people. Also included is a pre-program assessment with the physiotherapist to discuss an ongoing injuries and concerns. Ski Training Programme starts January 4th 6pm.