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How to eliminate cellulite

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Tips to treat cellulite at home

Women get more cellulite than men,  due to the different fat, muscle, and connective tissue distribution. Almost 90% of women have it at some point in their life and it can be developed after puberty due to the change in hormones.  Contrary to what most people think, cellulite  happens to women of all shapes and sizes.

How is cellulite formed?

Our body has fibrous connective bands that tie up our skin to the underlying muscle. Fat cells and toxins can accumulate and lie between them. So as the accumulation of fat cells and toxins increases, they push the connective bands down, causing an uneven surface or dimpling (cellulite) appearance on the surface of the skin. This is something we tend to see on tights, hips, buttocks, arms or belly.

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How can I improve my coordination?

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What nobody has told you!

When people talk about fitness, the most common subjects are about: losing weight, strength training, stretching, speed and power, there is a lot of information about them, but coordination is less talked about.  Good Coordination is the heart of what we do. Many people think that levels of coordination are pre-determined. But the truth is, coordination is a learnable skill. And it is one that is worth pursuing.

What nobody has told you!

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Back & neck pain home relief

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Back & neck pain home relief: 5 common mistakes you didn’t know! 

Back and neck pain are one of the most common complaints during lockdown. Working from home without a proper office setting, bad posture and stress are some of the main reasons of back and neck pain. So, in a desperate attempt to relieve the pain, we buy  expensive products that claim to be good at relieving back pain.

I have seen a lot of advertising on the internet recommending products for back & neck pain  such as massage guns. Before you invest in tools or products try to find the cause of your problem, as the back & neck pain origin could be different from person to person. Ask your Physio, osteopath, sports or massage therapist first to make sure the product is suitable for you.  

Back and neck pain

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