Short term smoking risks – that are rarely mentioned

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Up in smoke

The risks that smoking carries in the short term tend not to receive much coverage.

By contrast, the impact that smoking can have in the longer term has been covered extensively.

This imbalance can be deceptive. It can give smokers a feeling of complacency. It is almost as if they feel that they have a grace period, in which smoking won’t cause much harm.

We are not here to preach. We do, however, want to point out some of the harmful by-products that smoking can have on a day to day basis. Some of which, you may not have considered.

Short term smoking risks

Short term smoking risks

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Computer Related Wrist Pain – possible causes and treatments

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Hand and wrist pain at work

Unsurprisingly, many employees suffer chronic pain to the wrist related to time spent on the computer.

In fact, if you stop to think just how much time you spend in front of a screen, it may shock you. According to an article in the Independent, it can be as much as 1,700 hours a year!

Then, when you think about how many times you click your mouse, it gets serious. On average, about 5,000 times per day. It may require only a little effort per click, but it can be the hidden source of many problems.

Computer related wrist pain

Computer-related wrist pain

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How to adopt the correct sitting position – in the work place

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Lazy habits at work

Do you take the time to make sure you are sitting in the correct position in your office chair?

The chances are you don’t.

After all, it is easy to get into a routine of unhelpful habits. You might moan that your lower-back aches. Or you might find yourself feeling overly drowsy late in the afternoon. However, you fail to attribute all this to poor posture.

But making just a few adjustments can make a big difference to how you feel on a daily basis. Let’s find out why.

Correct sitting position

Correct sitting position

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Plastic Surgery Preparation – some things you really should know

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Plastic Surgery in Perspective

Making sure that you get advice on the best preparation for Plastic Surgery is vital. If you do choose to share your plans, you will inevitably encounter armchair doctors.

Friends and family may think they are giving good advice. However, even though they may have the right intentions, they are not professionals.

Furthermore, poor or misguided advice may lead to you becoming over-anxious.

The practice of plastic surgery has expanded rapidly over recent years. So much so, that there were over 28,000 procedures carried out in 2018. It has seen raised standards and greater scrutiny.

However, if you make that choice, you need to be in the hands of professionals from start to finish. In the first instance, we recommend you contact BAAPS.

Plastic Surgery Preparation

Plastic Surgery Preparation

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Lymphatic Drainage following IVF – How does it help?

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Looking after yourself post IVF

Booking in some Lymphatic drainage following IVF treatment can be hugely beneficial.

IVF has been around for over four decades now. It is now a widely accepted treatment. And it has enabled 1000s struggling with infertility to start a family.

And the success rate of the treatment has increased dramatically in that time. From about 10% in the early years to approximately 40% more recently.

But despite the fact that there have been massive leaps in carrying out the treatments, there are still potential medical concerns. And proper aftercare is vital.

Lymphatic Drainage following IVF

Lymphatic Drainage following IVF

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Treating Lymphedema – how manual lymphatic drainage can help

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Different ways of treating Lymphedema

Treating Lymphedema can be a challenge. However, there are a number of interventions that might help.

On the one hand, there are simple changes you can make such as incorporating light exercise into your daily routine. Then there are other options such as Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). CDT can be extremely effective but some people find it a little complicated to carry out.

Other options for reducing the symptoms of Lymphedema include the use of compression garments.

Each of these treatments can be used in different ways depending on your unique circumstances. And sometimes, a combination of treatments is necessary.

But here, we would like to touch upon the role that Manual Lymphatic Drainage can play in your recovery. And discuss how it can help with the condition.

Treating Lymphedema

Treating Lymphedema

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Benefits – clearing out the toxins

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An introduction to Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage benefits the body in a number of ways. It has helped patients during IVF treatment and others with Lymphedema. It can also help with autoimmune disease and before and after plastic surgery.

In a series of blogs over the coming weeks, we will discuss all of these areas. But first, we would like to take a closer look at what the Lymphatic system is, and the important role it plays.

And we will explain the benefits of having Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to help get rid of toxins.

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

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Managing Swimming Injuries – keeping yourself healthy

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Managing the amount you swim

Managing any swimming injuries you might get should be straight-forward. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Swimming is, after all, often recommended for overcoming injuries. So in a broad sense, it is beneficial. But problems can arise if you don’t follow some simple guidelines.

For example, most injuries in swimming are overuse injuries. They are typically caused by trying to do too much too soon. As the old adage says, slow and steady wins the race. If you are new to swimming or haven’t swum in a long time, build up slowly. Your body needs to adapt. 

And swimming can be deceptively challenging.

So don’t dive in the at the deep end so to speak. Rest and recovery are as important for swimmers as with any other physical sport.

Managing Swimming Injuries

Managing Swimming Injuries

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What you need to know about pregnancy massage

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What is a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage is a gentle, harmonic soft tissue treatment, which helps to reduce muscle and joint tension during the course of pregnancy.

Regular massage helps to maintain a good posture throughout pregnancy by continuously adjusting misalignments caused by the growing baby. During this period it is important to increase muscle tone and flexibility for an easy pregnancy experience.

For the duration of pregnancy, regular massages may not only help you relax and reduce anxiety, but also help relieving  insomnia, leg cramping, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel pain, and alleviate headaches and sinus congestion. Massage may also lift depression without the use of medication, according to some scientific studies.

Massage can help Pregnant women on:

Swelling and oedema:

Oedema or swelling of the joints during pregnancy is very common, and is often caused by reduction of circulation and increased of pressure on the blood vessels by the uterus.

Pregnancy massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce the accumulation of fluids in swollen joints, as well as aiding with the removal of toxins and waste. This can reduce swelling in hands and feet (as long as that swelling isn’t a result of preeclampsia) that we see a lot in pregnant women.

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How to lose weight swimming – in the most effective way

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Slimming with swimming

If you start swimming to lose weight it can offer plenty of advantages. In fact, swimming has a number of all-round health benefits, some of which we covered in a previous blog.

We will get into some of the most effective ways to burn calories and maximise your efforts. And we will also look at some useful insider tips for burning fat whilst swimming. However, before we do, here is a little context.

There are two stages to losing weight effectively. First, you need to lose weight. But then, you need to keep it off.

For most people, long term weight loss is the goal. So if it is swimming or any other regime you choose, it needs to be sustainable.

For that to happen, it needs to be realistic, manageable and enjoyable over the long term. That being said, let’s take a deeper look at how swimming can help.

Lose weight swimming

Lose weight swimming

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