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Cycling leg pain – getting relief from sore and painful legs

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The pain and pleasure of cycling

The inconvenienceĀ of cycling leg pain can ruin what is otherwise a highly enjoyable past-time.

As any frustrated car commuter will be acutely aware, cyclists are everywhere now.

Some have put the growth of popularity down to the success at recent Olympics and the Tour de France, and even to people taking to the saddle after the 2005 terror attacks.

Whatever the reason, cycling has seen a massive surge. About 1 in 8 people say they actively follow the sport. There are about 2 million people who cycle at least once a week.

It is fun and convenient, but can a lot of strain on the legs. So much so that we see a lot of clients with leg pain. We look at how leg pain can be avoided and treated.


Cycling leg pain

Cycling leg pain

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