Treating Lymphedema

Lymphatic drainage (MLD), is a highly specialised massage technique which is designed to achieve and maintain proper functioning of your lymphatic system.

After surgery, the lymphatic system is suppressed and is not  able to filter properly. Resents studies shows that it takes between seven to  ten days for natural functioning of the lymphatic vessels.

Benefits of the Lymphatic drainage post-surgery:

  • Reduce pain,
  • Reduce swelling and hematoma
  • reduce fibrosis (hardening of the tissue)
  • Prevent seroma (accumulation of serum in the area)   
  • Reduce the risk of infection.
  • encourage the regeneration of tissue, so reducing the formation and severity of scars

We recommend that you start your Lymphatic drainage 24 to 36 hours after your surgery with consent from your doctor. You will need between 6 to 12 sessions and MLD are performed daily for the first 6 days.

We offer video consultation if you need assistance and you are unable no travel to our clinic.


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What our clients says!

"I came here for post-surgery manual lymphatic drainage massage after being unimpressed by other places. Yaneth is excellent, knowledgeable and helpful. Unrushed, thorough, and tries to make time to see you for treatment as needed. I'm sure I'll end up with a much better result than I otherwise would have thanks to her."

− Anon


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  5 stars small  

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