When you have had a massage treatment, please leave your testimonials at our Islington branch

Therapeutic treatments

"Yaneth was not only extremely skilled but also immensly knowledgable. She is a therapist that understands the body well, creates a great environment and makes you feel at ease. Already booked 2 more sessions."

− Andrew

"I had a session of Deep Tissue Massage with Yaneth. She was excellent! I am a remedial massage therapist myself and I can tell she has good knowledge of anatomy and musculoskeletal conditions. I went to many massage salons and quite often was disappointed because a therapist just followed routine or had only basic knowledge and skills. Yaneth is different. She knows how to treat conditions. Wonderful experience!"

− MuswellHill7

"I am training for my first marathon and Yaneth at Perea Clinic in Islington is amazing. Her knowledge of deep tissue massage in addition to sports therapy make her a perfect masseuse to visit for relaxation and injuries. I recommend her 100% and will be going back again very soon."

− Adam

"I have disc and sciatica problems so booked in for a therapeutic massage. The room where you have the treatment is clean and calming. The therapist used hot stones and gentle strokes, and tried to work out my muscle knots, and didn't upset my lower back/disc area at all. She seemed very knowledgable and instinctively knew the places where it most hurt for me just by touch. Would highly recommend for anyone with back, muscle or leg problems."

− Gabrielle

"Great lymphatic drainage massage. Room was clean, ambience comfortable. Yaneth is very professional and gave tips on how to maintain healthy lifestyle and help circulation in the legs."

− Anonymous

"She is a bit of a legend, really worked my back! Very friendly, ambience is more physiotherapist clinic than spa, but the massage itself for very very skilled! Would def go again!"

− Sara

"Absolutely fantastic Massage. I have had repetitive strains and severe back pains which have diminished greatly within one treatment. She recommended that I do not have the Thai massage but a deep tissue based on my injury, which was probably a very good decision. I look forward to my next massage and hope that she has set me on my road to recovery and back to normal life! Thank You Yaneth!"

− Rajita

"Probably the best deep tissue massage I've received. Yaneth is a real expert and explained the reasons behind my back pain and gave me valuable advice. I'll be back!

− Darren

"Another excellent massage at Perea clinic. Had a running injury and Yaneth has eased it with massage and given great advice for preventing recurrence, stretches, using roller etc. I would definitely recommend.

− KathE5

"Great massage as always. Yaneth is amazing at what she does! She has helped me work through some chronic tension.

− Anonymous

"She really is the best at what she does, very professional and also very friendly. The price you pay is worth it.

− Dani-elle

Top10. I have tried a lot of them an still feeling pain in my back. And with perea clinic today already feeling much bett

− Eneko

"Once again excellent massage -Yaneth works wonders in your back. I went there with a trapped nerve but she managed to release it - highly recommended.

− AnaPaula

"Quite simply the best massage there is. Wonderful technique, calming and relaxing. I also had a cupping session which is very strong but rewarding

− Charlesdchurchill's

"The venue was nice and very clean. The therapist was pleasant and professional.The massage was excellent, I would recommend Perea Clinic.

− Anonymous

"As always a fantastic massage from Yaneth! I was suffering from a lot of tension on my shoulders and neck area but this has now disappeared. Yaneth always tailors the massage to your exact needs and tells you the best stretches to help prevent this from recurring. I highly recommend booking a massage here!

− Jessi31

"Great professional massage, Yaneth has great knowledge and experience and I always leave feeling so much better after a massage.

− M M Walker

"Absolutely amazing. A really good massage that has made my back feel an awful lot better. I was also shown stretches that will help minimise pain in the future. I was made to feel very comfortable and would absolutely recommend.

− Tom

"Excellent thank you! Good pressure and strong hands, great technique, relieving my painful knots. Highly recommended and easily accessible location."

− Sui

"The therapist was very gentle and knowledgeable. The place is hard to find though but I guess it was my fault that I didn't read about how to get there. I will definitely come back.

− Cataband

"Yaneth is the best masseuse in London, if not the world! She always knows how to fix my body and make me feel great weeks after!"

− Schamary

"The therapist was incredibly lovely and extremely skilled! Thank you so much! She even offered advice how to keep back tensions to a minimum
Going forward.

− Clacoooo

"Fantastic! I feel great. I have been suffering with significant lower back and leg pain and Yaneth has been great to help alleviate it. Highly recommended."

− pappy1984

"I had a 55min Sports Massage with Virginie at Perea Clinic.
Virginie was patient and friendly and took the time to explain what was happening. She was also very accommodating and understanding of pain and discomfort, making the overall experience more pleasant.

The massage was very good (but intense). Strong hands and great experience. I highly recommend this service.

− Danidoce

"A very nice and professional atmosphere. The masseuse was very friendly and had great technique. A good place if you're looking for remedial massage to treat a specific problem"

− jbermingham

"This was my first time seeing Yaneth for a deep tissue massage. She was very strong and concentrated on the parts of my body that needed working most. I felt that I was in capable, knowledgable hands and left there feeling rejuvenated and worked on."

− Macks

"My sports massage by Virginie was excellent. She completely tailored the massage to what I needed and even went 15-20 mins over my allotted time to show me additional stretches I should be doing."

− Clwright42

"This was exactly what I was after! Excellent service, friendly yet knowlwdgable staff. I will definately go back! Highly recommended."

− Anonymous

"Great massage. Definitely got rid of all my knots. Very nice masseuse who was interested in offering advice on good stretches and lifestyle in general. Over an above."

− Simon

"The therapist was really great and helped me with my sore back and gave me exercises to practice at home - will definitely be returning!"

− Emma

"The therapist made me feel immediately at ease and come across as being very competent showing good empathy and also providing some advice."

− Francesco

"I have now made Yaneth my go-to therapist. She really is amazing, and gets knots and aches out that you didnt even realise you had!

− Anonymous

"The massage therapists at Perea are fantastic. They make sure to understand where you need to most attention to tight muscles, give you exercises to help, etc. they're real professionals."

− ToniDe

"Excellent. Went for a deep tissue due to serious tension build up in my back caused by rock climbing. Massage was great (if intense!), and Virginie took the time to give me some great advice on stretching and back strengthening exercise so as to avoid problems like this. Top quality service."

− Jonathan

"Perea was absoutely fantastic. Attentive, through and caring. She knows how to find all your problem areas even when you didn't know they existed. Thanks!

− Kylie

"Overall a great deep tissue massage which definitely helped get rid of all my knots on my back and shoulders, definitely worth it."

− Anonymous

"Excellent massage that really focused on my problem areas. Lovely therapist - a real expert. Great advice following the massage too. Highly recommended, especially for people with back and neck issues."

− Jennie

"I almost don't want the secret of this place to get out. Amazing tailor made treatment for back and neck pain - you get more than you pay for. Highly recommended."

− Jay

"Great pregnancy massage, the masseuse checked with me what I needed at the beginning and she was really listening. Massage was great!"

− louise

"Amazing Indian head massage, really strong pressure and came out feeling like had an hour long treatment in 30 mins. Will definitely go back."

− Anonymous

"Excellent massage from an experienced professional who has a detailed knowledge of muscle groups, and can recommend exercises to alleviate pains."

− Anonymous

"As always, an incredible massage from Yaneth! This is the only place I'd go for a massage, I'd recommend Perea clinic to everyone!"

− Jessi31's

"I went in bent double in pain and walked out feeling significantly better - Yaneth is incredibly skilled and very highly recommended if you're suffering after a bad gym experience!"

− LeeMon

"It was a good deep tissue massage. The therapist was friendly and sent me some stretches to do at home to help with my tight muscles."

− veenasuPramaniam

"Excellent massage. Has eased my shoulder tension. Although I do need a few more treatments. Will most definitely be back."

− Kerrie

"Wonderful therapeutic massage, targeted towards areas of pain. Expert advice and great value for money I would highly recommend for anyone with back pain."

− Jennie

"I had a sports massage with Yaneth who is a good therapist. I would recommend coming here - also very conveniently located."

− Sue

"The staff here is very nice, looks tidy and neat, came here for a treatment and I would say professional"

− Anonymous

"The installations are simple, and straight to the point. Good. I found the treatment very relevant to my back issues, I felt it was tailored to my necessities, which were identified very soon. Also the therapist (Yaneth) has a very deep knowledge and her explanations and advice were very useful. I am definitely coming back and recommending it."

− Chiara

"The installations are simple, and straight to the point. Good. I found the treatment very relevant to my back issues, I felt it was tailored to my necessities, which were identified very soon. Also the therapist (Yaneth) has a very deep knowledge and her explanations and advice were very useful. I am definitely coming back and recommending it."

− Chiara

"As always a fantastic massage! I was suffering from a lot of tension on my shoulders, neck and hamstring area but this has now disappeared. Yaneth always tailors the massage to your exact needs and tells you the best stretches to help prevent this from recurring. I highly recommend booking a massage here!"

− Jessi31

"I think this is the best massage i've ever had. Yaneth is extraordinarily talented. I will definitely come back, actually i've already booked several more sessions, they have amazing offers too."

− John

"I went in for a technical but relaxing massage and ended up learning a lot about how the muscles work, including that the dull pain in my left knee is likely muscular and the reason why my muscles are more built up and tense on my right calf. Really strong and knowledgeable masseuse, and they even emailed me with some basic stretches/exercises to release tension between treatments. Will definitely go back!"

− Anonymous

"Excellent massage, very firm and definitely did the trick. My back was much more relaxed an I sleep well that evening. Will go back."

− breezy30

"I keep going here because the people are so knowledgeable and professional, and all-around nice people:) I've seen such a dramatic improvement in my muscle tension, my posture, and overall wellbeing since going to them. They will also give you access to an online portal full of stretches you can do at home or even at your desk, to keep things loose and moving between sessions."

− Anonymous

"Excellent service and great therapist. Overall it was a good experience. More clinical massage than spa like but great nonetheless"

− spaaddict237

"Virginia was excellent. She could tell where I was hurting and explained exactly what she was doing all along. Brilliant."

− laura

"The place is really nice, if a bit hard to find. My massage was fantastic, really deep. She is really knowledgable about all aspects of health, circulation and muscle strain. I've felt great for a week now"

− Anonymous

"Very good, she was knowledgeable and worked hard to try and work out all of my knots. I will go back."

− Rebecca

"Yaneth is very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. The first massage was so good that I returned for a second and have booked more! I am already feeling the benefits of the treatments. I would definitely recommend the Perea Clinic. The whole experience is very professional, helpful and adjusted to your specific needs."

− Bethen

"I went to Yaneth with a specific problem that needed immediate treatment. The work she did on me certainly worked. I normally prefer a little more aggression when having a sports massage but to be fair I didn't actually tell her this. She was on time, friendly and offered me advice on prevention after the massage. Recommend."

− VieoletteG

"I felt so much better after my treatment - definitely less pain ... and walking taller. Will absolutely be back as received helpful recommendations for future treatments."

− Anonymous

"I booked a sports and remedial massage after I decided to run a half marathon with no training! Was exactly what I needed and the aches and pains definitely subsided afterwards. Highly recommended. Many thanks"

− luke1983YNWA

"Saw Yaneth on my second visit - very strong, experienced hands and had the great follow up of an email of some exercises to do between visits."

− melbmarvel

"Really great reflexology treatment."

− Alexandra

"Very professional and skilled massage with good advice on muscular strengths and weaknesses. Both effective and relaxing."

− Anonymous

"One of the most professional massages I have had in London- Dave took the time to understand my needs and tailored the treatment to me. It was not a one size fits all approach and he concentrated where really mattered- whilst giving tips to avoid recurrence"

− Simon

"Excellent massage with Yaneth as always. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and she managed to completely sort it out in 30 minutes. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and knowledgable therapist who gets results!"

− MinnieA


− Alan

"Impressed by quality of employees. They all have their different styles but equally effective."

− Kapil

"I had an excellent treatment from Dave, who went above and beyond to help address the issue I had with my neck, incorporating both massage and sports therapy techniques. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for something more holistic than simply a massage."

− Anonymous

"Great massage and felt more relaxed after. A convenient location from holborn station."

− Sol

"Had amazing sports deep tissue massage from David Gannon. Really incredible what he could achieve on my very achy back and neck in just 55 minutes. Absolutely would recommend."

− andrew

"The Indian head massage was very relaxing and the added value of a more sports massage approach was most beneficial as I struggle with my posture. I would most definitely return to the Perea Clinic and have already recommended it to friends and colleagues."

− Anonymous

"Had a hot deep tissue with Emese. 100% recommend"

− Gintare

"Virginie is very nice and friendly. The message was nice. Not always spot on though. But the overall experience is very pleasant."

− Anonymous

"Virgini was excellent,so happy that I found her."

− Anonymous

"I've been going to Pilates classes for a few years now in an attempt to improve back, neck and headaches, I also see a chiropractor regularly. But it is only in the last couple of months since I've started 2:1 classes with Han in addition to a regular once a week class with her that I've made any real improvement. My chiropractor is amazed - says he's never seen my body in such a good state! Yes, I still get the odd headache but not so often and no where near as severe.

Do try it! Han's classes may seem strange at first if you are more used to aerobic/Zumba type classes because Han concentrates on small movements that work with your body but stick with it - it really does work.


− Sally

"Really lovely atmosphere, staff were really friendly. Massage was incredible, really deep as I asked for - Virginie consulted with me throughout to make sure the pressure was right. It’s a bit pricey which is the only thing that will stop me going back often

− Anonymous

"I have been incredibly impressed by the quality of my massage. The therapist was amazing and extremely knowledgeable. I have finally found a therapist who understand my back issue and is able to really help me. I would highly recommend to see her."

− Maia

"I am extremely satisfied with the treatment received. Dave was very professional and he explained everything he was doing at all times. He made me feel comfortable and understood my problem right away. You can really tell that he knows what he is doing! Also, I had booked 30min but he ended up spending another extra 15min with me free of charge. I will definitely come back."

− Anonymus

"I've visited several times for a variety of appointments and they've all been absolutely amazing. Staff very knowledgeable and skilled. Best massages I've had."

− Sarah

"Professional and friendly service. Will definitely come here again!

− Karen

"Eoin was great: he really took the time to understand my problem, and his physio treatment was gentle but effective."

− MS

Relaxing treatments

"I am really pleased with the Hot Stone massage I received, and can already feel the benefits in my back and shoulders. I will definitely return and would recommend to others."

− hiltz

"Great reflexology - will be back. It was a good pressure and very relaxing. Good location - handy for the tube at Angel."

− Anonymous

"Yaneth is an excellent therapist - the Aromatherapy massage was deeply relaxing and the heated massage bed was a nice touch. She knew right away which areas of my back to work on. 5 stars, I will be back! I highly
recommend her."

− Stefanie

"One of the best massages I have had and I've had plenty... the therapist was brilliant,it wasn't just a relaxing massage but really thorough and to the point. I will definitely be returning for all my future massages here."

− ayshaali

Powerful Massage treatments

"I could not turn my neck on the right side anymore.... Yaneth was very good at tackling my tight shoulders and lower back. thanks a lot!!!!!"

− Anonymous

"Yaneth is amazing! She listens to what you tell her, asks questions, and will give post-massage advice. Her massage is how you want it to be, and she has gotten rid of knots that I have had for years. I am fussy about who I see, but I have already been back and will continue to do so!"

− Sarah

"Yaneth is amazing! I'm so glad I found her, she's really helped me with my chronic tension. The atmosphere is not a typical spa setting, but it doesn't matter because she's that talented."

− Anonymous

"I had the hot stone deep tissue massage and it was great! I was in pain both on my legs and back after intense exercise and this massage helped a lot for it to go away. Yaneth is very knowledgeable and also gave me some advice on stretching. Maybe the best sport massage I ever had, I will definitely go back and I would strongly recommend it."

− Sonia

Body treatments

"Loved it! Got more than what I've bargained for. Although the first session didn't give me instant inch-loss, her tips and her recommendations, I lost 2kgs instead! Highly recommended! Booked again as a matter of fact!"

− Mavy

"Its a deep and slightly painful massage - a bit like deep tissue- but the masseur was amazing at explaining what would happen. She was friendly and professional and gave md lotd of advice about losing weight. It also completely sorted my stiff tired legs from a hard gym session teo days earlier! Ill definitely go back"

− Hannah