Sports Massage

Sports massage helps to prepare athletes before and after competition, using pre- and post- massage event techniques such as friction, compression, Tapotement , effleurage, petrissage or broadening .

It incorporates various stretches to maintain muscle elasticity. Over the long term, it helps sustain higher levels of performance and remain free from injury.

Our therapists have a good understanding of the human anatomy and MSK injuries, in order to efficiently perform an assessment to determinate if your injury/ pain is soft tissue, joints or nerve related

We will safely create a treatment plan to work the muscles, tendons and fascia without causing further damage to the tissue, nerve or joint.

Sports massage is not a relaxing massage and you should be aware that you might feel some discomfort due to the nature of the treatment and some times you will be sore for a day or two as the body adjust.

However, your therapist will always ensure that you feel comfortable at all times and work with your pain tolerance.

The benefits of Pre and Post event Sport Massage

Pre Sports Massage

 Pre – event massage can be performed from 5 days until immediately before the event.

If the massage is performed on the day of the event it should be short in length for about 10 to 15 mins and it should be firm and fast movements.

The aim of the pre event massage is to stimulate the tissues and to prepare you for the event


Benefits of pre- event Massage

  • Warm up the superficial tissues
  • Increase blood supply to the muscles
  • Stimulate muscles and fascia
  • Improve joint mobility by increasing range of movement
  • Gentle stretching to prepare muscles for warm up

Post Sports Massage

Post-event massage is recommended to decrease muscle soreness, to speed up recovery and to reduce cramps, so you can return to normal activities soon.

Post –event massage is highly recommended immediately or 48 hours after the event.

If the massage is performed the same day 10 to 15 mins is recommended and the treatment should be light.


Benefits of Post- event Massage

  • Helps you to recover from the event
  • Helps calming nervous system
  • Sooth muscles and push fluids
  • Lengthen tight muscles
  • Cool down muscles after the event
  • Helps to flush lactic acid buildup and reduce soreness
  • Restore blood flow to tight muscles
  • Relieve muscle, fascia tension and restore range of motion through therapeutic stretching