Weight loss treatment

Ideal treatments to use in conjunction with supervised diet and exercise, to help to reduce inches in those areas that are hard to achieve with exercise.   The treatment includes consultation, measurements, and BMI check.

This is a strong massage that combines different massage techniques, special products and tools. The heat generated by the movements slowly breaks down the adipose tissue and remove excess fat. Followed by a lymphatic drainage, at the end of each session.

The treatment isn’t recommended on the legs if you have varicose veins or if you experiences water retention on the area to be treated.

Here at Perea Clinic you can find great weight lost treatments!

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What should expect after treatment?
  • The treated area may be pink for a short time after treatment, but this will subside quickly. Also you may be sore in the area, and in some cases you could have bruises for 2 – 3 day as the body repairs.
  • You may be experience an increased need to go to the toilet; this it is also normal. As a result of some of the triglycerides being metabolized by passing into
    the urinary system.
  • We recommended that patients drink increased quantities of water for a short period of time after the treatments
    to encourage and enhance this particular removal process for the fat cells.
  • After one treatment, the skin will appear firmer and smoother and the appearance of cellulite will be greatly improved
How many treatments are necessary?

A course 6-10 of treatments is recommended and the results vary according to the number of sessions you receive, your body type, personal preferences (pressure), areas treated, diet and other lifestyle factors.

Contraindications to treatment
  • Varicose veins on the area
  • Water retention
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bruise easily
  • High blood pressure/ blood disorders